• Intuitive Eating

    What Is Intuitive Eating?

    From the time we are toddlers, we intuitively knew how to manage our hunger and how to use food. We knew what we wanted to eat and how much our body needed. Over time, we can develop food rules or food restrictions based on diet culture that challenge this intuition. If this is so, we can become detached from our body’s hunger cues and instead rely on rules from external sources: media, friends, and latest diet trends. In addition, we may adopt negative thoughts about our bodies, become anxious about eating, or cycle through weight loss and weight gain, diet after diet. In order to get back to your own intuition and body awareness, Intuitive Eating is a philosophy of 10 Principles that incorporates mindful eating along with corrective thoughts and behaviors about food and one’s body. The goal is to develop a relationship with food that brings peace with all food and peace with your body to get off the dieting cycle and have less anxiety about food intake and weight. In the meantime, you will develop coping mechanisms for areas of your life such as volatile emotions, body esteem, and a need for control in which food was a remedy. In contrast to promoting weight loss, intuitive eating promotes health at every size.

    Intuitive Eating 10 Principles:

    • Reject the Diet Mentality
    • Honor Your Hunger
    • Make Peace with Food
    • Challenge the Food Police
    • Discover the Satisfaction Factor
    • Feel Your Fullness
    • Cope with Your Emotions with Kindness
    • Respect Your Body
    • Movement- Feel the Difference
    • Honor Your Health- Gentle Nutrition

    Who Would Benefit from Intuitive Eating? 

    Intuitive Eating can help individuals who want to have a better relationship with their body and with food. This includes those who struggle with rigid food restriction, binge eating, or yo-yo dieting. It can also help those with anxiety about weight gain as well as those who eat to suppress unwanted emotions. Furthermore, Intuitive Eating is for those who want to be more attuned to their body for nourishment and to be accepting of their body at any size.

    What Can I Expect?

    We will start by assessing ways in which diet culture has interfered with your overall emotional health and which principles would be most helpful to focus on first. We don’t have to go in order of the principles. Depending on your needs, we may explore and debunk thoughts about food and your body, find ways to cope with emotions instead of with food, and mindfully raise awareness of your hunger and satiety cues. You may lose or gain weight as a result of intuitive eating depending on your body’s needs. 

    Therapists Certified in Intuitive Eating:

    Morgan Hancock, AMFT 109358

    Anxiety, Young Adults, Intuitive Eating

    Supervised by Jeremy Easton, LMFT 48646