• Individual Counseling

    Life as it is, isn’t working for you. Maybe you are struggling with a relationship, parenting, work, or an addiction. You’ve tried all the remedies you have in your back pocket: self-care, talking to a friend, exercise, but none of them seem to work.

    Individual Counseling is therapy focused on your own personal healing and growth. It is a time to process emotions, gain insight, and understand more about yourself or your situation. Each therapist has a different style of working with their clients and different therapy techniques. However, most of our therapists will hold once-a-week sessions with their clients and frequency of sessions will vary throughout the course of treatment. Sessions are typically 50 minutes.

    There are many therapists at Renew that treat many types of mental health concerns. This list is doesn’t cover all the issues that are treated, so don’t be shy to reach out to a therapist if you don’t see below something you want to work on.

    • anxiety, panic, OCD
    • depression, hopelessness
    • suicidal thoughts
    • trauma from the past or more recently
    • fear, nightmares, confusion, terror
    • relationship conflicts and communication breakdowns
    • anger management
    • eating issues and disorders
    • alcohol and addiction issues
    • concerns about parenting
    • concerns about children and teens
    • grieving a loss of a loved one or dream for yourself
    • adjusting to life transitions – moving, marriage, starting a family, job changes, retirement, divorce
    • Veterans

    All of our therapists at Renew provide Individual Counseling. Reach out to one of our therapists for more information, or simply fill out the Contact form and we will help you find a therapist that is right for you.