• Meet our Therapists

    Mission Statement

    Renew: A Therapy Collective is a group of high quality therapists who use a variety of treatment modalities dedicated to providing professional mental health services and compassionate care for mind and spirit, to improve the quality of life of individuals, couples, and families in the Bay Area.


    We are a group of Christian based counselors from many backgrounds and denominations. At the heart of Renew we believe in and value inclusivity and work with people from all faith and nonfaith backgrounds as well as those facing doubts about their faith or who have felt rejected by the church. We know that the Bay Area is full of innovation and creativity, but also filled with people who are experiencing depression, trauma, anxiety, loss, and also disconnection from the church. We strive to bring renewal of mind, body, and spirit to the people in the Bay Area.We invite you to come as you are, regardless of your background, beliefs, or situation, with the assurance we will walk with you and guide you on your healing journey.


    John Eric Cabalu, AMFT 92358
    Men, Couples, Addiction
    Supervised by Julie Nasser, LMFT 41524


    Jenna Warnock, AMFT 120595
    Anxiety, Depression, Relational Issues
    Supervised by Andrea “Ann” Arnold, LMFT 41895


    John "Yianni" Gianopulos, AMFT 134724
    Anxiety, Loneliness, Relational Issues
    (650) 275-3370
    Supervised by Jeremy Lun Hao Easton, LMFT 48646


    Andrea "Ann" Arnold, LMFT 41895
    Women, Parenting, Adoption

    Jeremy Easton, LMFT 48646
    Couples, Adults, Spirituality

    Jeremy Gilrein, LMFT 50246
    A.S.D, Anxiety, Families

    Julie Nasser, LMFT 41524
    Sexual Abuse, Brainspotting/Trauma, Adolescents & Families

    Mary Jean Walton, LMFT 47885
    Trauma, Anxiety, Couples

    Harmonie Stone, LMFT 103177
    Dissociative Disorders, Personality Disorders, PTSD

    Janie Sacks, LMFT 84374
    Anxiety, Depression, Trauma (Brainspotting)